Testosterone deficiency questionnaire

Imagine yourself  waking up with good morning erection.  Doing your morning ritual and feeling a desire to exercise.

You go to the gym for an hour and come to work feeling energetic and very fresh.

You work all day with excellent productivity and joy.  Your memory is good and you make good decisions.

You come home in a good mood with an expectation of  romantic evening with your loved one.

You have restful night sleep. This are expected effects of optimal testosterone.

  • Signs of Low Testosterone

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Weak or absent morning erections
  • Depressed mood
  • Lack of energy
  • Low productivity at work
  • No desire or low tolerance to exercise
  • Thinning muscles
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Poor memory

Those are symptoms of low testosterone or Androgen deficiency that slowly develop in all men pushing 60.

Testosterone is called ” The hormone of kings and king of hormones ” because in old times such qualities as muscle strength,  courage,  decisiveness,  desire to win a game or a battle were prerogatives of a kings or chieftans.

How can you tame a wildest  horse or wildest of men – just remove his testicles and  shortly after you have docile, inactive,  fat, unaggressive animal.

Doctor Berman sees it this way – androgen ( male hormone ) deficiency in aging male is very similar to diabetes.

You cannot eliminate it but you can replace necessary substance in your body  -Insulin in case of diabetes or  testosterone in cases of testosterone deficiency and multiple symptoms will go away.

Who could use testosterone replacement therapy?

Successful executives who feel  that they lost their ability to make decisions, they lack energy and self posession.

Sales people who will project the aura  of confidence,  optimism and sex appeal if their testosterone is restored.

Every man over 50 who wants to regain energy, sex drive and sex appeal, decisiveness,  optimism, better mood and many other effects of testosterone on brain, muscles, heart, bones and sex organs.

And in reality most men over 55 feel over the hill, anxious inside, waking up without erection occasionally or evey day,

not wanting sex, grumpy, gaining weight in the belly, feeling overall down.

Men with low testosterone have 30 percent more hypertension and diabetes. They also have more prostate cancer and in  more aggressive form. Their cholesterol is higher and they have high rate of depression.

There are scientists who state that sometimes even prostate cancer is not a contraindication to testosterone replacement assuming it’s overall  health preventing qualities.

If you are over 50 and want to feel like 30 you need to come to Dr. Berman and replace testosterone and get it to youthful levels.

You will feel

  • Increase in energy and stamina
  • Increase in sex drive and erections
  • Improved mood
  • Increase muscle strength and volume
  • Better memory and mental sharpness.

Of course there are contraindications to testosterone therapy such as history of or presence of active prostate cancer,

Moderate to severe problems with urination and prostate enlargement,  overabundance or red blood cells but doctor Berman will determine if testosterone replacement is good option for you and will treat you in a professional safe and effective  way.

What should you expect during your visit with Dr. Berman

  1. History, Physical exam, then labs and possible imaging studies confirm Dr. Berman’s clinical impression.  First appointment lasts about 1.5 hours. Follow up lasts about 45 minutes.
  2. Our first appointment allows us to determine what is lacking and what is in excess inside your body. This allows us to intelligently add what is necessary and reduce the excess .

Our promise: we concentrate on treating you with natural ingredients; we stay away from drugs and do not prescribe them unless it is absolutely necessary.

What you can expect after becoming our patient

On average we expect you to feel better in 6 months to 1 year. The time you need to get better is dependent on what problem you have and how fast your body heals itself.  After that you have to maintain what you achieved.

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel fresh again?
  2. Imagine your mind is sharp again.
  3. Feel your body light and strong again.
  4. There are no miracles and our treatments are not guaranteed to work for everyone.


But your body can restore itself to optimal condition and you will have better sleep, energy, memory, productivity and sex drive.

When you should consider getting support you need?

DO NOT WAIT until your age related changes become so profound that they cannot be reversed!

Remember: you cannot be saved when you’re already falling from a cliff, but you can be salvaged when you’re going towards the cliff.

DO NOT WAIT until your competitor learns about anti aging holistic and functional medicine!

Remember: He, who procrastinates loses.

Is it expensive?

Our services are not cheap, but you will get the quality service to feel better.  Our services are much less expensive than being sick, losing quality of life and productivity and eventually paying for medical bills. Think about cost of being sick.

Have you realized how important our services are?

Our services are the most important investment in your life.  It will make a difference in your future.

Remember, that you need maximum possible performance.  It is like racing.  Who comes first is the winner. Second place, no matter how close, is still second place.

Does insurance cover Anti Aging services?

Health Insurance plans do not cover conditions that are not considered a DISEASE.  Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to postpone the developement of diseases of aging such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, sexual decline. Dr. Berman cannot prevent illness when it is already developed.

Are you convinced yet

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Testosterone deficiency questionnaire