Mesotherapy was born in France in 1952, when doctor Pistor accidentally discovered that medications when injected into the skin and superficial tissues cause somewhat different effect from either taken orally or by other type of injections. The name of this technique “ Mesotherapy “ was coined in France in 1958. In 1987 French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as Specialty of Medicine and established standard of education In Mesotherapy. About 18000 physicians practice Mesotherapy worldwide. Mesotherapy is very popular in Europe, South America, South East Asia ( especially South Korea ) Since 2001 University of Victor Segalen in Bordeaux, France, the birthplace of Mesotherapy conducts International Course in Mesotherapy every 2 years , educating physicians from all over the world. The course is considered gold standard of Mesotherapy training.

What is Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a technique of very superficial injections of mixed medications in the skin and underlying fat tissue. In is interesting to notice that different layers of skin produce different action of the same medications. It is not only the mix of medications ( Cocktail), but the depth, and technique that influence the effect of treatment. This is apparently because it is impossible to separate the action of medications and the action of a needle itself. Multiple miscroscopic injections in frequent succession in limited area produces increased blood supply as well as the release of reactive substances such as neuro endocrine mediators, peptides, cytokines, immunomodulators. The depth of the injectons depends on technique being used from superficial endoepidermal 0.1-0.2mm, to superficial nappage 2mm, to deep nappage 4mm. Before starting deeper injections skin may be anesthesised. Mesotherapy is very logical treatment. Medications are mixed in order to achieve certain effect 3 main rules of Mesotherapy Small amount of medication, In the right area, Rare.

Indications for Mesotherapy

GREAT INDICATIONS OF MESOTHERAPY Pain Rheumatologic pain due to alteration of the nervous fibers. Psychogenic pain Vacular pathologies Arthritis Migraine Sinusitis Zona in herpes Depression, sleep disorders, stress, Small indications

Acne, Cellulite Hydrolipodystrophies Alopecias androgenica Wrinkles are not erased but it gives impression of rejuvenation

Description and video.

Mesotherapy is very non traumatic almost completely painless procedure and there is no down time. Treatment takes around 15 minutes and you are ready to go in 30-45 minutes. In most cases there is no bruises , marks or visible signs of treatment. In case of Mesotherapy treatment for face rejuvenation lotions and makeup are not allowed after treatment for at least 6 hours.