Hormone Relation to Weight

Even when on strict diet and with plenty of exercise you may not achieve adequate weight loss without optimizing your hormones.  Remember, hormones  are chemical messengers regulating metabolism.  Below is brief description of hormone action on fat accumulation.

Insulin high – syndrome X,  fat in the abdomen, high blood sugar. Insulin increases with age.

Cortisol high – fat accumulation in the trunk, lower neck,  face, thinning of the legs. Cortisol increases with age

Thyroid low – inability to loose weight even when on strict diet, slow burning. Thyroid hormone declines with age

Estrogen high or unopposed by progesterone – fat accumulation in lower abdomen, thighs, breasts. Estrogen dominance ( progesterone deficiency ) occurs during menopause. Abdominal fat in men converts testosterone into estrogen.

Testosterone low – low muscle mass, fat accumulation in the abdomen, thighs, breasts.  Testosterone decreases with age.

Melatonin low – decreased activity of thyroid hormone. Melatonin decreases with age.

DHEA low – increased abdominal fat ( DHEA opposes Cortisol ). DHEA decreases with age.