What is HCG?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by Placenta during the pregnancy.  HCG is used in conventional medicine to treat the condition called Cryptorchism or in simple terms when testicles failed to go down the inguinal canal to the scrotum.  Women who are pregnant produce millions of international units ( IU ) a day.

HCG consist of 2 chains : Alpha subunit is identical to Luteinising Hormone or LH which stimulate sex glands to produce sex hormones  Testosterone, Estogens and Progesterone, FSH or foliicular stimulating hormone that regulates the production of Sperms and Eggs and Thyroid stimulating hormone that stimulates the production of Thyroid hormones that speeds up metabolism.

According to theory of A.T. W. Simeons  HCG makes fat stores available for consumption. He observed pregnant women in India, who even though deprived of food will use their body fat to keep the fetus supplied with nutrients.

He used his observations to develop a method in which he injected small doses of HCG to a non-pregnant women  and men placing them on a ultra-low calorie diet and see their fat  disappear.

He opened a clinic in Rome and was very successful  in achieving a weight loss using his method.

When a person takes HCG his brain thinks that the person is pregnant and uses all available fat to feed the  baby.

HCG is not approved by FDA for a purpose of weight loss, however thousands of men and women  use this approach to acheve a meaningful weight loss.

Weight loss method when person is placed on an ultra low calorie diet and is injected with small dose of HCG is commonly called HCG diet.  The fat storage is opened by HCG and person is full by eating her/his  own fat. It is necessary to remember that it is not HCG, but a ultra low calorie diet that results in accelerated weight loss.

People who are serious about losing weight and ready to do this strenuous program can expect a loss of about a pound a day


It is hard to adhere to 600 calorie diet

You need to inject yourself with HCG ( even though it is not painful) Sublingual drops are available but not as effective.

You need to know that if you do not follow 600 calorie a day diet you may gain more weight


Fast and effective weight loss

No described side effects.

When you transfer  yourself from 600 calorie to low carbohydrate diet you are eating much more and feel satisfied with your food without craving for carbs.